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Happy 24th Birthday Siva Kaneswaran!

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Calling out all #TWEuropeFanmily! Please read & RT

It’s almost year ago since TW came to Holland for promotion. We have on camera that Nathan is saying they would come back real soon. 
This year we met Jay (again) in Blackpool and he said that after the summer TW would come to Europe for promotion/gigs. Around October/November he said. 

Well the end of November is almost coming and TW is (again) in America for promotion. Now we love the fact that they want to breaktrough in America and that they are every month in America for promotion. But we feel a little left out!

The only gigs they did in Europe (not including UK) were in Spain/Portugal/Germany and those were a long time ago. 

If 1D can do a Europe tour, why not TW too? People are waiting for TW for so long to come to their country. We understand that not everybody has the money to go to a gig in the UK. Some people have never seen them live, just because they don’t come to Europe to play gigs.

We want to make clear to TW that Europe needs some gig dates! And we need you to help us! 

This saturday 17-11-2012 is the day that you can help us! Help us trend #EuropeNeedsTWTour and make it a WORLDWIDE TREND! Put the hashtag behind every tweet you send and let’s get this trend, so that the boys can see that we really need a Europe tour! Please RT this to every #TWEuropeFanmily you know and let’s trend this together Europe!

We love you guys! xxxx


The Wanted Dancing to Gangnam Style

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The Wanted - Glamoholic Magazine Cover Shoot

Whoever put this on YouTube, I salute you! You’re a LEGEND!

I uploaded this video :]